Spotlight on our founders

The visionaries behind The Lightbridge Clinic are founding partners, Sunshine Coast locals Peter and Lee-Anne Borham, and Lifespan Dynamics founders Miriam Henke and Michael Liner, originally from South Australia. Between them, the two couples have more than 80 years of healthcare experience.

Peter has been working as a medical radiation practitioner for 40 years, using gamma rays, X-rays and Beta particles in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. His interest in the use of laser and LED light therapy (PBM) was triggered when reading a book by Dr Norman Doidge (The Brain’s Way of Healing). He subsequently attended conferences and workshops which confirmed for him the amazing healing properties of light.

Peter successfully treated his ageing parents, preventing the need for surgical intervention. His father’s recalcitrant foot ulcer healed completely after four weeks of treatment and his mother’s knee fracture and underlying osteo-arthritis healed sufficiently to delay the need for a knee replacement.

Joining Peter at The LightBridge Clinic is his wife, Lee-Anne, a professional counsellor with Uniting Care Queensland for 13 years who, until recently, managed Lifeline services across Queensland. After learning of the Bio-Tuning® Neuroacoustic Sound Therapy, Lee-Anne trained with Dr Jeffrey Thompson to become a practitioner.

Peter and Lee-Anne are excited to be able to offer light and sound therapies along with some other complementary modalities through there Attune Health business.

“This is such an exciting time for Lee-Anne and I,” Peter says. “We truly believe that combined light and sound therapy can benefit so many people who are suffering chronic illnesses, or who are constantly under stress and their body is starting to show signs it can’t cope, or needs a bit of help.”

It was through personal illness and injury recovery that Miriam and Michael first discovered how life-changing Red Light Therapy can be. Their experiences inspired them to create Lifespan Dynamics, an Australian company which brings evidence-based and effective natural health products directly to consumers through at-home treatment devices.

“Just like plants depend on sunlight to flourish, the human body relies on light for health and wellbeing,” Michael says. “Sunlight, which is made up of UV light, visible light and infrared light, encourages our bodies to produce hormones that are directly responsible for improving mood, producing essential vitamins and nurturing wellbeing.

“We know that red and near infrared light is especially beneficial and is delivered in the form of photons, which penetrate and stimulate the photoreceptors of cells when they’re damaged. This process effectively jump-starts and accelerates the healing process.”

“Lower back pain gone, arthritic pain gone! I can be in the garden all day again with no pain afterwards.”

Maree C. Retired business owner – Christchurch, New Zealand

Miriam first benefitted from Red Light Therapy after suffering from debilitating lower back pain and an underactive thyroid. After several treatments, her body was able to produce its own thyroid hormone again and her back pain had gone.

 After a severe car accident in 2017, Michael was living with chronic pain and limited strength and functionality in his arms and shoulders.

“Using a combination of physiotherapy and a light therapy belt, my aches and pains reduced within just a few days, then my shoulders started to heal within a month,” Michael says.

“It was truly a paradigm shift for me simply being able to lift both arms above my head without pain.”

For more information or to make an appointment at The Lightbridge Centre, please call (07) 5329 7996.