Our Technology and Treatments

The Lightbridge Centre has been set-up to provide a caring and calming environment for our clients. Our devices and treatments are all 100% natural, clinically proven and safe. It’s all about helping you to achieve and enjoy optimal wellness.

  • Whole body Photobiomodulation
  • (PBM) Chamber (HueLight)
  • HOCATT Ozone Sauna
  • CelLED wearable PBM devices
  • LumiTherapy wearable PBM devices
  • Suyzeko PBM Helmet
  • Multi Radiance Medical Lasers
  • Avant Medical Lasers
  • Bio-Tuning Sound for Self-Healing
  • Sonix Whole Body Vibration Machine
  • TEBO Massage Chair
  • Hydrogen Therapy
  • LightPath LED Panel